Answer to Prayer

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imageYesterday I visited a bulk carrier after hearing that a couple of crew members were trying to return home to be with family members who were in need of medical intervention. Despite the fact that they had informed their manning agency of this requirement it looked like it was not going to happen. They had tried in Quebec and now Saint John was their last hope. The problem was going to be their replacements. It normally would take two week for the replacement crew to get the required VISA to enter Canada. This was proving to be impossible since the ship is due to leave for the Med on Friday.

The ITF inspector had visited and listened, and he thought there was very little that he could do. He called me. I listened and said to the men. I can do one thing right now. I can pray for you and for the Visas to be Issued quickly. We engaged in a time of prayer. The men were very concerned that the Ship not be detained so that there would be no trouble for their shipmates or for them on their return.

I was thrilled this morning when I got a call from the ITF inspector who said that the crew change was underway with the new men flying into Saint John on Friday Morning. Thanks be to God!

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