What a magazine can do

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Often when I visit a ship I will drop a half dozen random magazines in the crew quarters or the ships office. They get picked through by the men and are a popular give away. Sometimes I question certain magazines as to the relevance for the average seafarer.

Today on my return visit to a ship the first officer had turned to a page in Zoomers magazine to a picture of a person with shingles. He then showed me his own neck which had an outbreak of some sort.

I said that I would take him to a pharmacist to see if we could get some help. I thought it might just be acne. We headed out with the Van packed with shipmates to the Walmart. The rest of the crew dispersed with instructions how to find a cab back to the ship when they were done. I went with the chief officer to the Pharmacy. Paula asked a bunch of questions and after the two of us doing some careful listening she suggested that it might well be shingles! Fortunately the seafarer is due to be returned home after the next port. We asked him to see his Doc. as soon as he got home. She got some cream for him for the Itch and gave him some additional advice. I bid him Bon Voyage.

Thanks to everyone who donates magazines!

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