How to Help

Our Success at the Mission, depends on voluntary gifts, voluntary time, and voluntary prayers. There are many areas where help is required.

If you have an Idea about what you might like to do then please give our manager a call.

– Prayer is always welcome and needed
– Donations: (to give to the seafarers)
– Toiletries: toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, disposable razors, etc.
– Magazines, clothing, videos, soft cover books, etc.
– Financial Assistance: Capital expenditures are not a big problem.
– Operating expenses are difficult to raise.
– We would welcome any fundraisers or donation in support of the Mission.
– We’ve organized a fundraising committee, to look into ways to establish sustained support to help secure our future.
– Volunteers:
– Hospitality volunteers for the mission (to extend our “regular” hours).
– Help with special events.
– Special talents to help maintain our Mission (ie. someone to call for repairs: electrician, carpenter, plumber, etc).
– “Christmas Away From Home” program: “aka” shoebox program
– Small gifts, toiletries, scarves, etc.
– Help with wrapping and with developing.

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